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Spring Soap Release

Hello everyone! It’s been quite busy for me this month, preparing my first officalish soap release. Apologies for not keeping the blog up to speed!

On April 1st, Easter, the floral inspired soaps will be available online to grab! There are four in the floral line: Blue Orchid, Daisy Chain, Gilded Rose, and Lavender Meadow. Along with the floral line-up, all-natural Indigo + Poppy will be released as well.

Blue Orchid: notes of lemon, lime, cucumber, tuberose, rose, clove, coconut, balsam, and musk. A beautiful blue that pulls slightly green, topped with cornflower petals and jasmine flowers.

Daisy Chain: inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance and has notes of violet, strawberry, jasmine, vanilla, and musk. The bottom white layer contains shredded loofah for that kick of exfoliation. Topped with jasmine flowers and calendula petals.

Gilded Rose: Notes of orange peel, pink rose, geranium, mimosa, lily of the valley, guaiac wood, vanilla, and musk. This soap is mainly pink swirled with gold and white while topped with pink and red rose petals.

Lavender Meadow: A non traditional take of lavender with sweet floral notes of lilac, lavender, jasmine, balsam, vanilla, and musk. Topped with lavender and cornflower petals!

Indigo + Poppy: Naturally colored with indigo powder on one side with the other side full of poppy seeds for exfoliation. This soap is scented with cedarwood and lemongrass essential oil.

These soaps, sans Indigo + Poppy, will have all new packaging and will include the new Sunny Peach logo!

The following blogpost will be a spotlight post on some of my favorite butters and oils for soapmaking so stay tuned for that by signing up to receive email updates every time I post!

Spring Soap Release will be April 1st at 12pm CST via my Etsy shop, link on the sidebar.

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Blessings, Updates, Chit-Chat

Hello Soapicans! It’s been awhile since I have made a chit-chat type blog post. I have been staying busy with volunteer work and making soaps off camera. But wow! things have been picking up momentum lately.

To start with, the Nebraska Humane Society reached out for a donation from my soaping blog and thought awesome! I never thought my blog would gain anyone’s attention far less locally. A donation for a silent auction at their Black Tie & Tails event sounds like a lovely cause. On top of that, getting my name out there. Not to mention my favorite animal are dogs and I love volunteering at animal shelters! It was the perfect timing and opportunity,

Now I hate to gush so much, but I got featured on Brambleberry’s Instagram! I feel like I’m fangirling but Brambleberry and Anne-Marie was the start of it all for me! To be here now where they are featuring my soap feels surreal. To my new followers hello, it’s nice to have more soapicans, the more the merrier! The uptick in followers and activity have pushed me to opening up my Etsy shop finally! I am very hopeful but realistic. 🙂

I’m debating on doing a soft opening, where I add a couple soaps I have already available this month before my first ever April Spring release. I will have soaps that will be stocked year round, and one of those I could list now. I’m not sure yet. What do you guys think?

Here are a couple of the Spring line-up release I have set for April 1st.

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Soap Cupcakes!

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? You may not be able to eat these treats, but you’ll sure be tricked with this wicked vanilla buttercream scent!

I attempted soap frosting + piping for the very first time with these babies. For future reference, I would not use any vanillin based fragrance oil in the frosting. Mine turned a slight yellow and would not budge no matter how much titanium dioxide. I would also wait longer to pipe, since it was a little too runny for my taste. Not to mention I’m terrible at handling a piping bag! I would be pretty bad baker 😐

Nonetheless, they came out spectacularly pink and girly. I went a tad overboard with the glitter but is that even possible?

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Chai Soap

January 2nd, 2018

This morning my boyfriend, Dogman, and I made a small test batch of soap with chai tea and colloidal oatmeal. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring you along step-by-step in the process!

The night before, make sure to brew your chai tea and freeze it overnight!

First, weigh your frozen chai ice cubes/balls because during the freezing time, some of the liquid is lost. Then, measure your lye. (I forgot to include a photo of this oops!)

Next, we add the lye to the liquid. NEVER ADD THE LIQUID TO THE LYE! If you are short, add a splash of water until you get to the right measurement. Since it was cold and snowy outside, Dogman and I kept the lye mixture cool by putting it in a hole in the snow.

After that, we melted and measured our oils. We used coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, and castor oil. I get most of my oils from Brambleberry expect the olive oil which I get from Sam’s Club for cheap!

Once our oils were melted together, we went outside for our lye mixture and proceeded to stick blend to trace.

I decided to add one tbsp. of colloidal oatmeal for that gentle soothing feeling. You can add any additives you can think of!

We didn’t take a photo, but we sectioned a part off and added titanium dioxide to whiten it for the top. After that, we added Brambleberry’s Chai Tea Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

Last, we poured the soap batter into our 4″ silicone mold. (Brambleberry)

& just because, we did a small design on top by swirling with a bamboo skewer!

Since we used freshly brewed chai tea and a fragrance that discolors to brown, we didn’t feel like adding anything to the top. In about 24-36 hours, we will go ahead and unmold our masterpiece 🙂


Here’s the outcome cured and all! 🙂

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Nurture Soap + Royalty Soaps Piping Set Unboxing

You know someone really knows you when they buy you soaping supplies as Christmas presents! One of my good friends gifted me the Royalty Soaps Piping Set this Christmas and I am just overjoyed I had to share this moment! I am a huge fan of Katie Carson and she has been an immense inspiration for me to blog and create YouTube videos.

Isn’t she a beauty! It comes with three 1 oz. jars of mica (Raspberry Red, Purple Vibrance, & Brilliant Blue), five 5g jars of glitter (Intergalactic, Solar Storm, Snowflake Sparkle, & Shimmer Gold) as well as Green Vibrance mica.

It also comes with 5 piping tips (of course), 3 big for smooth dollops or starry peaks and two small accent tips for leaves and vines, etc. There’s three small and three large disposable –but reusable– piping bags, the nozzles(?) that secure the tips to the bags, and a measuring spoon reading 1 tsp and 1 tbsp. You may not see it but this set also comes with instructional videos by Katie herself and her own piping recipe as well!

A huge thank you to my good friend Erik! If you’re reading this, you’re rad and I’m extremely fortunate to have you as a friend : ) Making high soap tops has been a goal of mine to do. I have so many ideas for soap tops now, the possibilities are endless! I will be doing a review on the set once I use it a few times so stay tuned for that!

Check out the piping set yourself:Nurture Soap | Royalty Soaps Piping Set

Katie’s (Royalty Soaps) YouTube & Blog:YouTube | Royalty Soaps

Blogspot | Katie Carson

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2018: Goals for the New Year

December 27th 2017

New Years Resolutions. They’re pretty cliché, full of unfulfilled promises to ourselves. We often aim too high an unrealistic, that we shrug off when we fail at them. I prefer just seeing it as goals for the New Year. A reflection on what I’ve done and what needs to be done.

This year has been a slow but steady uprise in my soap business/hobby especially this holiday season. I know 2018 will be a good year to start upscaling my supply orders. From bags to buckets of oils/butters! *joy*

I’m also currently searching for a good deal on a Canon G7X Mark ii to begin shooting soaping videos for a new upcoming YouTube channel. (watch out for that in the future) It hasn’t been easy and it’s a hefty investment, but it’s a real goal of mine this upcoming year.

I would like to upscale my blog to have my own domain and ability to monetize my blog. Not to mention all the neat features that come along with it. I would like to try out selling some of my soaps here if possible. if not..

I’d like to start seriously investing my time and effort in an Etsy shop as a way for my online fans to buy my soaps. Currently, I send invoices via PayPal but I’d like a solid e-commerce store to call my own. With the new camera, it should be relatively easy to get nice crisp photos.

Those would be my goals for 2018 in terms of my soaping business. What do you consider as your goal for this upcoming year? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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When Soaping Takes A Turn: A Hidden Beauty

Yesterday I had planned on making a pink/white/grey marbled soap for Valentine’s day. If you are not an avid soapmaker, to achieve a marble look in a bar of soap, you need to do an in the pot swirl which requires your soap ‘batter’ to be very thin. Well, if you also aren’t an avid soapmaker, certain fragrance oils can accelerate your soap trace into being a thick gloppy mess.

I went with the Baby Rose FHO from Brambleberry which does warn for *slight* acceleration. Emphasis on the slight because as soon as this mixed into my soap batter it was starting to set up like crazy. I had zero time to mix in my colors creating some speckles of ultramarine pink.

By the time I had mixed in all my colors and went to re-mix my first color, grey, to use for the base of my soap. Small chunks had already begun to solidify and I was certain this loaf of soap would end up for personal use only. -sigh-

Plop, plop, plop.. I randomly plopped down each color unsure of what the heck I was going to do design-wise. As soon as I finished and tapped the mold to remove air bubbles as much as I could, I took a bamboo skewer creating an S down the mold. Feeling slightly defeated, I sprinkled eco-glitter and coarse pink sea salt on top, swirling small amounts of each color into each other.

Like all soaps that start setting up mid-process, I knew this loaf would be ready to cut in less than 24 hours. I was correct, and was pleasantly surprised when I cut each bar revealing mountains or sandy hills of grey, white, and pink. The smell of course was absolutely divine, I’m really considering selling these after all!

What I used to make this soap:

Brambleberry’s Pewter Grey Mica, Ultramarine Pink, Titanium Dioxide, Baby Rose FHO, Tall Silicone Mold, Rainbow Eco-Glitter, Pink Sea Salt.

This blogpost is not sponsored! Though I’m available BB! *wink, wink*

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